A Day in Stirling Scotland-My First Over Seas Experience


Nothing can truly prepare you for your first experience over seas. Before going on this trip I received countless pieces of advice for every aspect of travel that you could inquire on. By the time I was ready to go, I was so overwhelmed by everything everyone had told me that I couldn’t remember most of it. Luckily after taking two flights and ending up in Glasgow Scotland, overwhelmed at a car rental booth, an extremely friendly  New Zealander offered some useful suggestions. Him and his Scottish associate told us to travel northeast and visit a town called Stirling.


Stirling was quaint, historical, and above all beautiful. It was filled with the wonder of what once was. Cafes and boutique shops lined the stone streets, as well as people from all different walks of life who filled the air with a friendly and hospitable disposition. Every person we spoke with was warm and courteous which made us feel very welcome.


The Stirling castle was at the top of the town. My aunt and I were told to follow the road to the top where we would surely run into the Stirling Castle. It was a grand sight to see with it’s cathedral ceilings and massive walls that showcased cannons which peaked through to the outer world. When inside the castle gates you truly felt like you were in your own medieval world.


At every side of the castle there was a breathtaking view to be seen. This genuinely is a location I would recommend visiting, even if you only have half a day, as we did. We definitely didn’t have time to see everything we would have liked in this specific area, but the glimpse we did get was magical to say the least. The castle was extraordinary, the countryside views awe-inspiring, and the overall vibe was very welcoming. If I didn’t already love the area I live in, I might consider making Scotland my home.






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