Deception Pass and Quarry Pond Campground

It’s the middle of winter with snow covering every campground east of the mountains, and though we’ve loved snow camping this year, we were bringing our little cousin along for the adventure. It was his birthday (the big 14, WOW he’s grown up so fast!) and his only request? To go camping with my brother and I! So we set off for a less harsh terrain and decided to check out Deception Pass  and Quarry Pond campground this time of year.


Now I’ve been to deception pass a time or two (I’ll include a previous photo or two below) but neither my brother nor my cousin have ever been there (or have only driven over like once) so it seemed like a great spot to choose. It wasn’t too cold and it wasn’t too windy, in fact there were families with their kids camping at the same campground as us.

It was Martin Luther King Jr. weekend and as expected the beach had quite a few people occupying it. We definitely didn’t blame the variety of different photographers, families, and explorers for checking out the sunset.

dsc_2337 As far as staying at the Quarry Pond campground, that was located pretty much right across the highway, we had a less than desirable experience. I think if we would have chosen a different camp spot other than the ultra private one we had on the outskirts of the grounds, we might have had a better experience.

The camp spots were decently spacious with nice large fire pits that were easy to use. We were able to get in, get camp set up, and get dinner going easily and within minimal time. The trouble didn’t start until after dark when all of the hungry critters start to come out. Rats, large aggressive raccoons, and howling (coyotes?) relentlessly toiled around us for hours. We couldn’t get a moment of peace even when we literally just sat around taking in the glow of the fire in silence. It was pretty clear that the campers that occupied our campsite before us had left food galore and now the animals were not going to rest until they made sure there was nothing left. We were their human refrigerators, though we never gave in and made sure to lock our food up in the car.

I doubt we will return to Quarry Pond campground unless we get an inner camp spot or perhaps a cabin. However, I will say that the camp host was very helpful when we had questions.


At the end of the day, it was worth the sunset!

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