Hiking- Mine Road Trail


Today we went north up to Darrington to hike The Mine Road Trail, a path that I have been anxiously waiting to explore. The circumstances aligned just right on this cloudy, slightly drizzly, cold day. The snow covered the forest floor like a thick blanket, but luckily we were prepared with our warm clothes and waterproof hiking boots. Even our 13 year old cousin was warm enough with his basic setup.

If you are looking for a simple beginners kind of trail or a hike you can bring kids on, then this is a great one for you! There are a few mild inclines with the overall gain being 650ft, so not bad. Even in the snow its enjoyable.

Once arriving near the end of the trail we noticed the mine to the right, which we almost missed because it was covered in snow and had what looked like a stream flowing out of it. You will definitely need waterproof boots if you are planning on exploring the inside of the mine in the winter.

We went all the way to the end of the mine. It wasn’t long at all and took us less than 5 minutes to reach the end. Two things we noticed were #1 it was a nice temperature in there, especially to take a break from the chilly temperature outside and #2 the cave seemed a lot creepier before going inside because it sounded like there were noises coming from it (it was probably just the echo from outside and from our voices.)

I was also able to capture a great photo of the mountain next to the mine (I believe it’s called Whitehorse mountain.) On the trail websites it says the view of the mountain is about 150 yards past the mine and that it’s a scramble next to the creek. However, I was able to snap this photo (photo below) from less than 150 yards past the mine and it was relatively easy to get to this viewpoint!


Here’s a shot of fog covered Whitehorse Mountain.

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