5 New Years Resolutions for Photo Enthusiasts

whether you get out and take photos every day or you only get a chance to use your camera a few times a year, if you love feeling the click of the shutter beneath your finger and the camera strap around your neck, then these resolutions are for you!


#1 Travel Often 

You already know that you love taking photos which also probably means that you like to travel to locations where beautiful photos are possible. So why not make a resolution to travel often?

There are so many opportunities to travel that you may be missing out on and don’t even realize it! If you dedicate every other weekend or even one extra day a week to travel (even if it’s local, like driving to the coast and camping one night) then you are spending that much less time watching tv or sitting around thinking about all of the fun you could have and not ever actually doing it. I promise you that once you start getting out into the world and doing what you love in an environment that you love, it will no longer feel like you have to find the time, it will come natural.

Take advantage of long weekends and holidays too. Instead of sitting around with the family all weekend, take them on a mini road trip or take a quick flight to somewhere you’ve been wanting to use your camera.


#2 Clear Your Mind

With the new year here and last year behind you, what better way to start it off than with a clear mind? Find a way to cleanse any negative thoughts from this past year to make room for new creativity. Going on a long hike through the woods or meditating in a quiet place can be a great way to reset and has other benefits like reducing anxiety and making you feel more centered.


#3 Find a Group

The photo community and the creative community in general have so many sub communities or groups within them that you can become a part of. Facebook, Instagram, and even Youtube all have thriving groups of creatives within them that support each other and act as a great resource for enthusiasts. Joining a group on Facebook has been a great way for me personally to get inspiration and tips from other photographers as well as share my work and get feedback. I also really enjoy leaving positive comments on others work that I like.


#4 Get a Travel Partner

Along the same lines as finding a group, getting a travel partner to trek with on those long photo adventures with you can be the best way to go. Especially if you are going to a place that neither of you have ever been before, it can be a great source of fun and creativity having someone with you to explore. If they are along for the ride and you know you mesh well, then try bringing them with you!

Your travel partner may also be a great subject for your photos, particularly if you like taking portraits or are thinking about dabbling in portraiture.


#5 Learn Something New

There is nothing more valuable than maintaining the ability to continually learn. No matter your skill level, with today’s ever-changing technology there is always new opportunities to learn something. Even if you are a photography guru, maybe there is a new photo editing technique that will add an edge to your current editing routine. Or perhaps you are used to shooting only one type of photography and would like to learn about another type from someone who knows the ins and outs of it. There are tons of workshops online or hands on that can be amazing tools for photo enthusiasts. If the classroom isn’t for you then tune back to my previous 4 resolutions and join a group that you can learn from or hit the trail and try out some new techniques, then go from there. Getting out of your shell a little bit and experiencing something that you can learn from is a great way to get this year going in a positive direction!

Get out there, get exploring, and get photographing!




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