Idaho Snow Camping and Happy New Years!

The sun spoke to us with kind words as we made our way through the ruggedly cold back country of South East Washington. We were on our way toward Elk City Idaho area from Leavenworth Washington. We had stayed in Leavenworth the night before and knew it would be a long drive in the truck. Somewhere between Colfax and Pullman we would catch the sunset stretched over the hills and spitting colors of gold, pink, and bright blue throughout the sky.

The drive turned rough and icy not long before we finally reached our camp and pulled in to our campsite around 7pm.


The next few days would prove to be a challenge with temperatures below freezing. We were much more prepared this time with better gear including polar weight thermals and a four season tent that was much warmer to sleep in than the back of the truck.

dsc_2280 The last day out of four was New Years Eve. We decided to travel back to Washington only because we ended up getting stuck in the snow in our vehicle and thought it would be better to get out of the area before it got much worse.

The drive took a few extra hours than my google map had predicted. We found ourselves at the top of snow covered Snoqualmie Pass with rapid snowfall obstructing our sight and a few faint fireworks to the side of the highway around midnight.

We didn’t make it back before the clock struck midnight but we rung in the new year with a bottle of sparkling cider and the hopes for an equally adventurous 2017!


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