North Cascades and Hwy 20


My brother and I decided to take a trip up to highway 20 to go on a hike and head over the pass before heavy snowfall hit. We drove several hours and made our way up to Diablo where we found our camp spot for the night. It was pouring rain the entire evening as our feet sunk into the soggy ground with every footstep. We hung tarps around our campsite in an attempt to stay dry but our only saving grace was the roaring fire we built, which kept us warm enough until sleep called.


All was good in the morning after a drizzly night of sleep in the back of the truck. Incidentally we forgot our cookware and had to cook any food on tin foil over the fire, so when the sun arose we woke and decided to have muffins for breakfast. The thought of heading east was on our minds as we watched the fog slowly rise to reveal a mountainside more vast with each passing moment. By the time our camp was packed up we could see snow dotting  the tree tops and mountain peaks within sight, and what a sight to see!



We explored the tiny town of Diablo, which seamed very strange, but despite it’s strangeness, the little camp spot we stayed at next to the lake will definitely be one to visit again. Eastward we were bound until we stopped at a view point to take photos and talked with a few people who had also stopped to take photos. They told us that they were waiting around since 8 am (it was now almost 10am) and the man at the road closure sign had said to check back in with him in a couple hours. We took a few photos in various spots, drove up the road a bit, walked down a path and took a few more photos, and eventually ended up at the road closure sign.


There was no one there, but there was a sign that read “proceed at your own risk” which naturally meant we should proceed. However, the sign was locked and we realized that they meant walkers and bikers perhaps? So this meant we couldn’t go on and had no choice but to go back.

Although we were disappointed that we weren’t able to go on the hike we planned on, we were able to improvise and decided to backtrack toward Darrington.


Either way, we ended up with some beautiful shots and a great experience for both of us exploring highway 20 for the first time.

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