Eyes wide open @ Mount Pilchuck

The top of Mount Pilchuck was one of the most awe inspiring views I have had the privilege to lay my eyes upon. Its not the mountain itself that is so grand (though it is a decent view itself) but it is where the eye takes you beyond the boulders beneath your feet.

dsc_0971Out of all the summer hikes I was able to go on, this was the most photographic of them all. Once we made our way out of the tree line and up to a more rocky terrain, there was a magnificent mountainside view at every turn.

This particular hike also happened to be one of the first for the summer. It was shorter in distance than Lake Angeles which we had hiked several weeks prior, but the elevation gain was very similar and felt more intense with a swift and knee aching climb to the top. Boulders make up the last bit of the trail with the reward being a beautiful stretch of northwest heaven and a sweet little lookout building.


Here is a few shots from the top with one of the friendliest pups and a few nice adventurers that let me snap some photos of them.

If you are looking for a spot to go that isn’t to far away and has some of the best views around, look no further! I promise it’s worth the knee aches.



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